Motorized shades that open and close on command, on a schedule, or based on the temperature and intensity of the sun offer extreme convenience, managing daylight and privacy while saving energy and enhancing your home’s aesthetics. These whisper-quiet, precisely controlled window coverings come in every style and fabric imaginable, suited for every window in your home, and easily managed with custom-engraved in-wall keypads, touchscreens, remotes, and your voice.

At Smart Home Design, we partner with Hunter Douglas and Lutron, the world leader in automated lighting and shade control. Not only do these window treatments offer effortless control, but they also create the perfect light for any space, protect your home from harmful UV rays, and add a layer of security. 

Let’s explore the many options in motorized shades and how they’re transforming homes on the Gold Coast QLD AU.


With one touch of a button, you can transform your home, changing the level of natural light and creating the perfect environment for every activity. Bring in the energizing effects of filtered sunlight with sheer shades that allow you to retain your beautiful views or create a space for relaxation and movie-watching with privacy fabrics.

We’ll help you select the perfect window coverings from numerous styles and over 1,500 materials and fabrics. Roller shades create the ideal level of light with sheer, translucent, or room-darkening fabrics. One of Lutron’s most popular lines is Palladiom roller shades that provide sleek sophistication with the trending exposed roller shading requiring no recess, pocket, or fascia.

Horizontal sheer blinds combine the soft elegance of sheer fabrics with the precise control of daylight offered by blinds. Roman shades provide elegant softness, gradually folding up as they open. These shades optimize customization, enabling clients to use their own material. Venetian blinds are ideal for craftsman-style homes, and honeycomb shades bring elegance, depth, and superior insulation due to their cellular design.

Drapery systems are also available in custom materials. From curved or straight tracks to soft elegance or a bold design, draperies can define the tone of a room. Another customized solution is window treatments for hard-to-reach and uniquely configured architectural windows, such as skylights, floor-to-ceiling, and angled windows. 


These motorized window coverings offer effortless control and can be integrated into your home automation platform. This enables programmed scenes that set the mood by managing multiple systems with one touch. For example, press the “Good Night” button, and every shade will lower, the lights will dim, and the doors.


While beautiful, the intensity of Gold Coast’s sun can heat your home unevenly, causing southern exposures to warm faster. This, in turn, causes your HVAC system to go into overdrive. Motorized shades, triggered by sensors and scheduling, automatically lower as the sun intensifies, protecting your artwork, furniture, and flooring by filtering the sun while reducing the ambient temperature and energy usage.

At Smart Home Design, we create customized technology solutions that enhance your everyday life. To learn more about the many options in motorized shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Smart Home Designs today.