Almost 50% of people that went to the movie theater no longer go. 

Production companies are adapting and sending movies straight to streaming platforms. With the convenience of technology, you can watch the latest movies without having to pay $20 for a bag of popcorn, only to sit in an uncomfortable seat. 

Instead of spending all that money at the theater, you should consider making one at home. Read below to learn about the essential home theater items to invest in! 

1. Smart Light System

One of the best investments for your home theater is a smart light system.

Smart lighting can help you control your settings without having to get up. Whether you want to dim the lights or turn them on to look for your treats, you can do so with a touch of a button.

Not only do these systems give you more control in your theater, but they can also help the environment. Smart lights automatically adjust the settings to preserve the temperature and humidity in the house. The light systems installed by AV Design will help reduce your energy consumption and decrease your bills. 

When all of your climate, shade, and lighting are controlled with the same platform, you can make the most of your investments. You can talk to our team to discuss the best solution for your home, an assessment will help our professional design the most efficient plan. 

2. Wi-Fi 

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to watch an exciting scene or favorite movie, only to watch the loading screen instead. 

Installing a modern Wi-Fi system while building a home theater can prevent lagging and improve loading speeds. Since many people scroll through their phones while watching TV and movies, you don’t want to run out of bandwidth. 

Many devices throughout your home rely on a Wi-Fi connection. Phones and computers are the most obvious, but toys and smart appliances also pull from your network. It’s common for movie-goers to install a Wi-Fi box in the theater room, especially if insulation materials are fixed to the walls. 

The best part about having our team install new Wi-Fi is that you can trust it will be done correctly. With a project manager overseeing each installation, there are fewer mistakes to be made. 

3. Audio Video

Home theaters are a perfect place to watch live shows and games.

Unfortunately, if you’re watching them live, you may miss essential parts when you leave the room. With audio video gadgets installed throughout the house, you can hear everything and never miss a beat. 

Our professionals can hide your audio systems in the ceilings and walls so you don’t have to ruin the aesthetics. You don’t have to worry about any clutter or the pets and kids getting into cords when AV Design installs your audio. There are plenty of speakers brands and styles to choose from, so you can listen to your movies, games, and music. 

Audio video gadgets can give your theater surround sound. This makes movies more enjoyable since they make you feel as if you’ve dived into the screen yourself. Proper sounds can add context to your films and help you better understand what you’re watching. 

4. Safety Systems

While you’re wrapped up in the latest episode or movie, you don’t want to have to worry about your safety.

Installing life safety systems in your home can ensure everyone is kept safe, even with distractions. If you’re watching a scary movie with some friends or a loved one, a safety system can give you comfort and be the eyes around the house. 

Safety systems installed by AV Design come with several features to detect hazards and intruders. The quick reporting feature can also put you in contact with help, even if your cellphone dies. 

Depending on which system you select, you can get smart locks on your doors. AV Design takes pride in keeping homes safe with alert systems and detections. Your home theater will be incomplete without this protection. 

5. Cinema Recliner

Some theaters are trying to keep up with the times by installing recliners, but they aren’t the most comfortable. 

Buying cinema recliner chairs and couches can help you enjoy your movies, without getting leg cramps. Depending on how you layout your floor plan, you can put recliners in your theater room with tables. Take a look at AV Design services to turn your home theater setup ideas into a reality! 

Cinema recliners are different from standard ones since they are made of leather. Cooler materials make movie-watching more enjoyable, but if you have pets, the fabric may be a better choice. Cinema recliners are also wider than standard models, but they still have a reasonable price. 

Since you’ll likely have snacks in your theater, try to buy recliners that are easy to clean. Couch covers can preserve their quality and comfort over time. 

6. Theater Cooler

Instead of getting up for a drink and having to pause a movie, what if you could just reach over and grab one?

Our team can design a home theater plan that includes a space for a cooler or bar area. Having water and other drinks nearby in a cooler is more convenient than going to the movies and you can stock up on your favorite items. 

Look for coolers and mini-fridges that are black or charcoal-colored. White and silver fridges can stand out in the dark and increase glare in the room. If the sun is shining on your fridge or cooler, it could impact your view of the screen. 

If you install a cooler or fridge in your theater, make sure it’s in a smart place. AV Design will work with you to prevent leaks and electrical issues. 

7. Smart Remote

Remotes aren’t nearly as confusing as they used to be, but there are smart styles that can get you to your movies faster.

Smart remotes are a must for home entertainment systems. The sleek design fits comfortably in your hand with limited buttons on the exterior. The NEEO remote comes with a charging pad so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries or having many components to keep track of.

The great thing about the NEEO remote is that it has a touchscreen on the upper half of the device. You can scroll through your applications on the remote or get more info about the song playing over your speakers. The screen is 3 inches long, making it easy to read and scroll through. 

The tactile buttons on smart remotes are primarily used for controlling basic functions. The on/off switch, volume, and select buttons are on the surface. You can also press play/pause quickly with the center button. 

8. 3D Projectors 

One of the latest home theater items that people are investing in is 3D projectors. 

3D projectors can get installed in your home theater, even if you don’t want to use them all the time. With a blank canvas, you can project your shows and movies in 3D. This is a great gadget for people who want to see more depth on the screen and bring content to life. 

You can watch cartoons with the kids or suspense movies with the 3D projector to make your experience more engaging. 3D projectors are easy to set up and use, especially if you get a smart remote. 

During installation, talk to our team about the best distance you should sit from the screen. If you’re too close or far from 3D projections, you won’t see as large of a difference. 

9. Window Shades 

If you enjoy watching Game of Thrones or horror movies, you know that the sun is your worst nightmare.

A small glare from the outside can impact your ability to see what is happening, especially in the most critical parts. Investing in Smart Home Design window shades can help you enjoy what’s on the screen and you don’t have to get up. Motorized window shades are perfect for home theaters, they are easy to use and the installation process goes quickly. 

With this gadget, you can get the true theater experience of being in a dark, cool room. Instead of walking outside of the theater into the sunshine, however, you can press a button and let the light in. 

10. Climate Control Tech

If you’re investing in smart lighting and shades, you should also consider climate control tech.

Smart thermostats can use outdoor temperatures to adjust inside settings. You can check your humidity and temp in the house and adjust it at any time. For example, if you want to shower and watch a movie, you can turn the air on before you rinse off and your theater will be prepared. 

Climate control tech is recommended if you want a true theater experience in your home. One of the most memorable parts about going to the movie theater is that you sit in a dark, cool room. Keep some blankets nearby so everyone can get comfortable. 

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to update your thermostat system with AV Design. Thermostats alone, account for nearly 30% of all energy use in the country, and you can do your part to reduce this statistic. 

11. Soundbar

Soundbars are a modern alternative to speakers.

The output from your TV, even if it may be smart, doesn’t always give your films justice. A soundbar can properly disperse the noise and prevent the speakers from getting overwhelmed. Bass and louder sounds can crackle if you don’t have a powerful enough sound system. 

At AV Design, the team can install your soundbar so it’s in the best movie-watching position. The cords can go behind the walls to prevent clutter and preserve the beauty of your home theater. 

Most soundbars can connect with larger speakers that can get placed in other parts of the room. Without a soundbar, you may not get the entire theater experience.

12. Wireless Headphones

If your home theater is also used for other purposes, you should get some wireless headphones.

Wireless headphones come in handy during family movie nights. If your kids fall asleep and you don’t want to wake them, you can switch to headphones. Smart headphones can quickly connect to your sound system with BlueTooth technology. 

Over time, you can buy wireless headphones so that if many people want to continue watching, they can. Our team can help you connect your headphones to a smart remote so you are always in control. 

Since the theater room is ideal for gamers, you can also connect your headphones that have a mic attached. Don’t forget to speak with the installation team about creating a charging station for your headphones. 

13. LED Lighting

To set the mood in your home theater, you need soft lighting.

If you don’t want the room to go pitch black, you can install LED light strips on the walls, surrounding the screen, or on the ground. These are great features when you have guests over that aren’t as familiar with the floorplan. 

Another reason to consider LED lights in your theater is to act as a nightlight in case the kids fall asleep watching their nighttime movie. 

Make Your Home Theater Center Stage 

When it comes to designing your home theater, each piece should serve a purpose.

Filling your theater with clutter can impact the view of the screen and make things less comfortable when you’re trying to relax. With the right home theater equipment, you can immerse yourself in a fantastical experience. Smart thermostats, remotes, or safety features are worth the price when you can pick up on more details from your favorite scenes. 

Check out the AV Design process to learn more about building a home theater and get started with our team!